Original concept:  We’ll do our best to keep up with what we spend on the boat.  It’s just too much effort, with no real purpose as I see it, to track every single penny (cost/benefit ratio is too far out of whack).  We’ll give close general costs for those interested.

New concept:  Well, I did NOT keep track of purchases even in a broad general sense.  Why?  I just didn’t feel like it.  One of the reasons I adopted the lifestyle of living on a sailboat was to escape the mundane and depressing reality of tracking, working for, stressing over, fighting for, arguing about, pining for, putting my hope in, worrying about, and ultimately centering my life around MONEY.  To track money would mean that I once again become slave to it.  And . . .  “cost/benefit ratio” ?!?!  What exactly did I mean by that?  I can only surmise that I was using the term in the traditional accounting sense, because I do not believe that life should be looked at from an accounting perspective.  Additionally, if anyone is actually reading this with the idea or thought of even trying to do the same thing, the “cost” would, or might, give them the thought that “There is no way I/we can do this.”  In my short time of living on the sailboat, I have seen all manners of other liveaboards with distinctly different lifestyles and accompanying monetary budgets.  So, to paraphrase a sign I saw, when it’s important, you find a way, when it’s not, you find an excuse.

It wasn’t important to me, so there’s my excuse.  If it’s important to you, you will find a way.

UPDATE:  I tallied up our major expenses and have listed them here so that others could see what we spent.  We’re not finished yet, so I’ll add to this as necessary.

Item Approximate cost
Boat $26,000
Main sail $3,000
Main sail cover $600
New running rigging $900
Head sail repair $1,200
Standing rigging repairs $300
Fuel tank repair $200
Head repair $400
New anchor $400
Spare anchor $300
New anchor rode (100’ 3/8” chain, 300’ 3/4” 3 strand nylon) $800
WirieAP $400
Refrigeration $1,000
Lazy jacks $175
Boom preventer $190
Dinghy davits $900
Dinghy $1,000
Dinghy outboard $600
Solar panels $575
Charge controller $385
Batteries $1050
iPad $400
Navionics $120
Steering system repairs $1,200
New life lines $380
Water pump/system repairs $330
New engine instruments $275
Handheld VHF radio $130
Binoculars $250
New depth sounder $150
Other miscellaneous $5,000
Forestay/backstay chainplates and backer plates for foredeck cleats $570
Jacklines and safety tethers (homemade) $206
Foulweather gear $150

Costs Total