We are Clint and Jodi.  We chased the American dream for half our lives.  Arguably, we caught it.  We discovered it wasn’t quite the dream that we were sold.  We decided to do something about it.

We definitely wanted to downsize our suburban monstrosity of a dwelling, reduce and simplify our monthly expenditures, clear our lives of clutter, and in the words of Thoreau, “live deliberately”.

To make a really long story, really short, we decided to sell everything, buy a sailboat, live aboard said boat, and sail the world.  The Internet helped fuel our desires (or at least Clint’s in the beginning) with stories of people doing exactly this.  Bumfuzzle, the quintessential novice yuppie circumnavigator/adventurer/explorer blog gave us hope that what we were trying to achieve was certainly possible.  So, 3 years of reading, planning, (arguing), reading some more, and we pulled the trigger on a sailboat.

Our blog is pretty much maintained by me, Clint.  Jodi will post occasionally to hopefully bring balance to the world.

Clint on Clint:
I grew up a conspiracy theorist, but in a good way.  I’m pretty cynical and have a true disdain for money.  I remember reading books like The Boxcar Children and My Side of the Mountain and wanting as a kid to live my life on my own terms, self sufficient, self reliant, and independent.  I believe in God and believe that throughout history there have been numerous people that lived exemplary lives, Jesus, Gandhi, Buddha to name a few.  I have lost faith (though I never really had any) in Capitalism (see conspiracy theorist above) and don’t want to be part of the “matrix” any longer.  I believe that I am a lot happier than my own description makes me seem.