Emet (eh’ met):  truth, truthful, faithful, trustworthy, steadfast, whole, universal, lasting

Emet is a 1982 Bristol 40.  We don’t know her whole history, but she was left for the salvage yard after Hurricane Ike hit the Texas coast.  She was rescued by someone who saw merit in her, but didn’t have the time to fix her up.  We found her for sale in Texas after searching for the right vessel for 3 years.  She had a few scars from Ike, but nothing major that a little love and caring couldn’t remedy.  We figured that anyone that could take Ike head on and survive was pretty much tough as could be.  And, she looked like she needed someone to give her some love.

We decided that she was the right boat for us.  We’ve been slowly refitting her and simplifying her systems, though they weren’t too complex to begin with.

How did we come up with her name?  First, we “had” to follow Pat’s rules: http://www.bumfuzzle.com/how-to-name-a-boat/.  Second, we wanted something that was not common.  We struggled and contemplated and finally the X-Files gave us our answer.  Season 4, Episode 15.  A single word.  Uncommon.  Meaningful.  Exactly what we believe our boat to be.

Here’s an article on Bristol 40s that was downloaded from writebyte.net during our search for a sailboat:  Bristol 40 Dependable

Specifications:  Bristol 40 on sailboatdata.com


2 thoughts on “Emet

  1. Very cool fish eye shot guys. And of course Jodi’s impeccable boat keeping. Hope you guys are well. Miss you both.

    1. The fish eye shots were taken by Small Boat Jerry. Impeccable?!? It’s a sailboat. There’s nothing impeccable about it. ;-) She does a good job, but Cox’s Law of Horizontal Surfaces always rules: any horizontal surface will inevitably be filled to capacity. I’m not sure where I read that, but Google knows nothing of it. My last day on the job is July 21 and our lease is up Aug 1. We plan on sailing over to Gulfport, anchoring out someplace, and visiting for a week or two.

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